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Welded PVC Panels and PVC/Wood Frames for Patio Doors in Winnipeg

At Wach Window & Door, we provide a timeless look and high-performance, all-welded PVC construction for patio doors to give you that perfect setting. Our PVC/wood frames for your Winnipeg patio doors are a doorway to secure them and increase the curb appeal of your property. All our patio welded PVC panels and frames are laboratory-tested to ensure safety and durability. Besides providing our frames and panels to clients in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, we also serve Transcona, Kildonans, rural municipalities of East and West St. Paul, Springfield and St. Clements. If you want further information about our patio door frames and panels, give us a call. You can also ask for a free estimate.

Features of Our PVC/Wood Frames and Welded PVC Panels

Some of the features that make our panels and frame durable and long-lasting are as follows:

Higher quality and performance

Double or triple sealed units provide greater weather tightness, comfort and energy efficiency

Maintenance-free welded PVC construction combines a structural wood core in the frame for added strength and easy installation

Frame depth from 5 ½” to 11 ¾” to suit your installation requirements

Tandem wheels for easy and smooth operation

Quick draining door sill sloped at 9°

Sizes up to 12’ x 8’ (W x H)

Patio Door Parts

You can find below a list of the basic parts of the patio door assembly at Wach Window & Door:

  • PVC cladding (optional)
  • PVC panel
    • Welded at 45°
    • Double-wall for improved energy efficiency
    • Stylized interior glazing stops
  • Standard “Prestige” mortise handle/keyed lock (optional)
  • Sealed unit with tempered glass and non-conductive spacer
  • Steel reinforcing in the vertical stiles
  • “Double protection” still offering B-4 performance, with seamless PVC wrap
  • “Four in one” exclusive (optional) welded PVC brick mould with anodized aluminum still extension and integrated nailing flange
  • Aluminum sill cover (optional)
  • PVC-clad wood frame from 5 ½” to 11 ¾” in frame depths

Patio Door Installation or Renovation?

Get in touch with us for PVC/wood frames and welded PVC panels for your patio doors.

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